Reboarder 1-2 9-25kg

Group 1 and 2 reboarder (9 to 25 kg)

Whether for short or longer journeys, your child must always have the best possible protection in the car.
The safest option here is to drive backwards and to do so for as long as possible!
After the baby car seat, your little treasure is between 12 and 15 months old.
The neck muscles are only slowly building up and the weight of the head is about 1/3 of the entire body. In a frontal collision, which is the most common type of accident, your child is pressed into the reboarder car seat. The head remains supported and the force of the impact is distributed over the entire back.
Riding backwards is not a problem for your child, as he or she is more aware of the surroundings when facing backwards than when facing forwards.
Thanks to a long backrest and a large seat shell, you can use the reboarder car seat of group 1-2 up to approx. six years of age and 25 kg. Initially still rear-facing, then later forward-facing.
They are installed in your car either with Isofix plus Top Tether, stand, or with the 3-point car belt. Some car seats in this group can even be attached with the 2-point belt and are therefore also permitted for the car or middle car seat of the car.
To find the right reboarder, you should make sure that the seat fits in your car and that your little treasure can sit in it ergonomically correctly.
Do not use a reboarder car seat for more than 7-8 years!