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Sun protection

Enjoying the sun with the right car seat sunshade

As much as we enjoy the warm rays of the sun in summer: With a child-friendly car seat sunshade, we can save our little ones a lot of trouble on every trip. A good sunshade not only helps to reduce the heat in the car and keep your child cool. It also protects against annoying glare or harmful UV radiation.

What types of car seat sunshades are there?

Whether you are transporting a baby in its infant carrier or older children in their child seat, it doesn't matter. When the blazing sun shines through the side window, it can quickly become uncomfortable in the back seat. But what kind of sun protection is best? In general, all sunshades can reduce temperatures in the car. All devices also serve as good glare protection.

The simplest option is sun visors with suction cups, which can be easily attached to the windscreen and removed again. These are also available with many different printed motifs, which can give your child a lot of pleasure. As a rule of thumb, however, a sunshade that is as dark as possible can keep out more light. The disadvantage, however, is that your child cannot look freely out of the window during the car ride.

This is where a sun blind comes in handy: the practical devices are easy to install and offer the advantage, especially to older children, that they can decide for themselves when they want to use the sun blind and when not. With a simple pulling movement, the roller blind can be opened and closed and thus offers flexible protection from the sun's rays.

There is a whole range of shade cloths for baby seats. You can also use these outside the vehicle, so you always have suitable sun protection with you when you carry the baby car seat around.