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Car seat cover

A car seat summer cover protects your child and the seat.

A car seat summer cover is ideal for warmer days. The cover protects the child seat. At the same time, the child seat cover ensures that your child feels comfortable and does not sweat unnecessarily. The covers are particularly gentle on the child's skin and absorb heat and moisture. Your child sits on a cool seat cover even in summer. Long car journeys on warm summer days are more fun again for you and your offspring.

The car seat summer cover is child's play to fit

The car seat summer covers can be easily fitted over the original child seat or infant carrier. Most covers completely cover the child seat and protect the original cover. Some seat covers are pulled over the back and seat part of the infant carrier.

The child seat covers are washable

The seat covers are made of terry cloth or breathable materials. Even on hot days, the car seat summer cover gives your baby a comfortable sitting feeling. Thanks to the pleasant materials, the little ones feel comfortable in the car seat even with shorts or a smart dress. They sit softly and comfortably.

The summer covers can be machine washed at 30 to 60 degrees, depending on the cover. Dirt and sweat can be easily removed and the child seat cover looks like new again.

Different car seat summer covers

There are many different car seat covers for the summer. Choose the right summer cover for your child seat or infant carrier. In the menu, you can filter the covers by manufacturer or brand and thus only see the covers for your existing child seat.