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Car seat cushion

What is a car seat cover for the child seat?

A car seat cover for the child seat or infant carrier is an accessory for the child seat in the car.

A child seat pad is therefore an insert that is placed in the car seat. Car seat pads are made of different materials to suit seasonal conditions. As with all products for babies and toddlers, look for skin-friendly outer material. Preferably, this should be made of 100% cotton or be Öko Tex 100 certified.

The underside of the seat cover is non-slip and therefore does not shift when the child moves.

What are the advantages of a car seat cover?

The car seat cover offers a variety of useful advantages that make the car ride more comfortable and safer for your baby.

On the one hand, seat covers can be made of different materials and prevent or reduce sweating of the baby or toddler in summer. Breathable and lightweight materials create a comfortable seating experience for your offspring. In winter, a cover made of warming materials can be used.

Another advantage is the car seat cover for newborns in infant carriers. With its wedges and additional padding, it acts as a stabiliser for the baby and fills any gaps that may exist - so your baby not only sits more comfortably, but is also better protected.

The seat cover is also a seat protector, as the upper fabric of the child seat is protected and spared from contamination or body fluids.

Can a car seat cover be cleaned?

Of course, a child's car seat cover can also be washed in the washing machine at 30-40 degrees. This means that it can be cleaned regularly and offers long-lasting hygiene and freshness on the road. Washing the children's car seat cover makes it particularly sustainable.

Does the car seat cover fit in every child seat?

Children's car seat covers usually fit into any standard child seat. However, you may have to pay attention to which car seat group the cover fits. Car seats for children are available in groups 0+ to 3.

Please refer to the product description of your car seat cover and the car seat.