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Safety rear-view mirror

Car rear view mirror at 4mybaby discover

For safety reasons, child seats and baby carriers should always be placed in the back seat. However, this also means that parents do not have a good view of their child while driving. If the baby suddenly starts crying or making itself heard, they often don't know what's going on. This can be remedied with a baby car rear-view mirror. This allows you to see your child at all times, even from the driver's seat. This way you can quickly see if there is a critical problem or if your child can wait until the next rest stop. Besides, it is simply reassuring to be able to check on how your offspring is doing every now and then. At 4mybaby you can expect high-quality rear seat mirrors from various manufacturers. Among others, we carry models from Baby Plus, Be Safe, Maxi Cosi and many others. Thanks to the large selection, there should be a suitable baby mirror for every need.

What are the advantages of a baby car rear view mirror?

A rear-view mirror for the baby car seat or child seat ensures that you always keep the child in your field of vision. Most models are suitable for normal child seats as well as for so-called reboarder child seats. The latter are fitted against the direction of travel for safety reasons, so they make it particularly difficult to still see the child in them. However, a safety rearview mirror is a relatively inexpensive way to still have the child in view. With most models, the angle of the mirror can be adjusted flexibly. This means that it can be optimally adjusted to the position of the child seat and the size of the driver.

What features should a good baby mirror have?

Even if the baby rear-view mirror has been securely mounted, it can always happen that it falls off after all. Hard braking or even accidents are possible triggers. It is therefore all the more important that the rear-view mirror is made of a shatter-proof material. Acrylic glass or other plastics are ideal. In addition, a good rear-view mirror should be easy and quick to mount and should fit tightly. Under no circumstances should the mirror come loose while driving and fly uncontrollably through the vehicle. It would also be ideal if the baby mirror is adjustable. For your own safety and that of your child, make sure that the mirror meets the above requirements.

How can a car mirror for babies be mounted?

There are various mounting options for the rear-view mirrors from our online shop. For example, you can order rear-view mirrors with suction cups. These can be easily attached to the windscreen. Other models are equipped with fastening straps. These are used to attach the mirror to the car seat or headrest. If you are looking for a high-quality rear-view mirror for baby and child seats, you have come to the right place. 4mybaby is definitely the right address. But we also offer many other high-quality products for babies. These include, for example, our high-quality prams. Just take a look around and discover the diverse range at 4mybaby.