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Britax Römer Child seats

Britax Römer child seats - highest quality for the safety of children in the car

When transporting their own children in the car, all parents want the greatest possible safety. The well-known brand manufacturer Britax Römer offers a wide range of different car seats for every age group. The manufacturer has many years of experience and in-depth expertise and not only places great importance on the safety of the children in its child seats, but also on the comfort and convenience of the seats. Britax Römer develops and produces most of its car seats in Germany, so that the old quality feature "made in Germany" can still apply to these child seats.

Safe transport options for babies in the infant carrier

When choosing the right seat, the most important criterion is the age and weight of the child. For small babies from birth to approx. 15 months with a weight of up to 13 kilograms, the comfortable baby seats from Britax Römer are suitable. In these particularly safe car seats, babies are transported semi-recumbent and rear-facing, which ensures the greatest possible safety for the youngest road users. Once they have arrived at their destination, the little ones can be transported further in the baby car seat, as it can be removed from the car. Of course, Britax Römer also offers matching base stations with or without Isofix for the baby car seats, making it particularly convenient to remove and secure them in the car. With additional comfortable cushions and seat reducers, the baby car seat can be easily adapted to the child's body size and stature.

Comfortable seats for infants from 9 months of age

When the baby gradually gets bigger and heavier and has more mature motor skills, parents can switch to a smart follow-on seat from Britax Römer. For the special safety of the toddler, the German brand manufacturer also offers rear-facing seats in this age group, in which the child has more space than in the infant carrier and can also sit more upright. If the child gets even older, parents can easily turn the car seat in the direction of travel, which guarantees a long service life of the seats up to an age of approx. 4 years. The brand manufacturer's wide range also includes popular forward-facing seats of the highest quality and safety, which can even be used up to the age of 12. In all these seats, parents buckle their children in with seat-specific safety belts that are individually adjustable and comfortably padded and ensure the greatest possible safety for their own child.

Safe transport for older children

From a child's age of about 3.5 years, Britax Römer offers child seats in which the child is secured with the car's seat belt. Thanks to the adjustable backrest and the well thought-out padding, these seats also offer children a comfortable seat and the best protection in the event of an accident. Car seats in this category can be used up to the age of 12 years and 36 kilograms, i.e. as long as current regulations require seat use for children.

Well thought-out details for the child seats

In all categories, the quality manufacturer attaches great importance to well thought-out details. For example, there is always the option of choosing between seats with or without Isofix, depending on whether your own car has this device or not. The comfortable upholstery of the Britax Römer car seats is equipped with washable covers so that they can be cleaned without any problems. Of course, the stylish child seats are available in different colours and designs, so that the right seat can be found for every taste. All of the manufacturer's child seats are individually adjustable, for example with an adjustable backrest or length-adjustable safety belts, so that the child can be transported not only safely but also comfortably.