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Britax Römer Accessories

Accessories from Britax Römer offer fun and comfort

Babies and children up to the age of 12 can be transported safely and comfortably in a Britax Römer child seat. To offer the little ones fun and comfort during short or long journeys, the German child safety company offers its extensive range of accessories. Whether it is a pleasant coolness in summer, protection of the car seats from the dirt on the shoes after an autumnal excursion or play fun during a long car journey: the accessories take into account many everyday situations during journeys with the little ones.

Soft padding for a high level of comfort

Although Britax Römer car seats are characterised by their wide seats and soft padding, a comfort insert makes sitting even more comfortable. At the same time, the insert can serve as a seat reducer, as it reduces the gap to the edge of the seat. If a polystyrene part of the seat breaks off because the original fabric is removed for cleaning, then a cushioning insert can be used as a practical accessory. Defective back or head sections can thus be easily replaced and safety during car journeys is restored.

A cooling accessory for hot summer days

When the sun pokes through the window, every journey becomes unpleasant for the little ones. Britax Römer offers a remedy with its numerous summer articles. The self-adhesive sun visors with sun protection factor 30+ deflect the sun's rays. The hidden frame makes fitting very easy. A summer cover made of light terry cloth provides pleasant coolness when sitting. The fabric absorbs the body's moisture and allows the air to circulate pleasantly through the loose mesh loops. This makes the little ones feel more comfortable and sweat less. Instead of a cover, a Cool seat insert can be fitted to the seat as an accessory. The insert is also breathable, regulates the temperature and dries very quickly. A quickly mounted drink holder guarantees that cool drinks against the summer heat are always at hand.

The baby always in view

Babies and toddlers are preferably transported in the car on the back seat and facing backwards. A large rear-view mirror is a perfect accessory for keeping an eye on the little ones. The mirror is simply mounted on the headrest of the seat the baby is looking at. This way, the car driver can always see what the little ones are doing, whether they are feeling well or need a dummy.

Accessories for rainy days

Because the sun is often followed by a rainy day, Britax Römer offers suitable parts for bad weather conditions. A rain cover can easily be fitted over the car seat and protects babies on the way to or from the car. Bad weather can cloud the visibility of parents with a pram. The Stay Safe cover with reflective elements increases road safety because a pushchair with a baby seat or sport seat is easily seen in the dark, fog or drizzle. When the little ones play outside after the rain, their shoes are often dirty. To protect the seats in the car, Britax Römer offers the right protective covers. The protectors are universally suitable for all car brands.

Fun during long car journeys

A long car journey is boring for many babies and toddlers. To ensure that their favourite toys are always at hand, a backrest bag can be fitted. The bag has different compartments that provide enough space for a cuddly toy, a game, a book, a music or story CD and the dummy. The bag is easy to attach and at the same time protects the backrest of the seats from dirt and scratches.