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As parents-to-be or parents of newborns, you are faced with a plethora of questions and uncertainties. How should we furnish the nursery? What do we need to consider during pregnancy? How do babies sleep best? What should we do if the baby has a tummy ache or acne? Our guide for parents-to-be and parents with newborns provides the answers to these and many other questions. The guide is divided into different chapters to provide a clear structure. Starting with the chapter "Pregnancy", we give tips and suggestions for a healthy pregnancy. We explain about various pregnancy complaints and offer informative articles about alternative pregnancy methods. This chapter also contains useful tips for fathers-to-be. In the chapter "Baby Equipment", parents will find practical advice and checklists to avoid making the wrong purchases when buying baby equipment. We explain which products are really indispensable for the baby and what you can safely leave out. We also advise parents on how to prepare the room optimally for the baby. The chapter "Caring for the newborn" answers many questions about the first equipment. We give tips on breastfeeding and feeding, show simple techniques for diapering and give advice on baby care. The guide is complemented by a chapter on safe sleeping habits and first aid for babies. For those who are looking for further information, we also offer a collection of useful contact points in the form of links to information portals and reliable sources. Our experts are real people who have children themselves and share their experiences as parents.


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