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BeSafe Infant seats

Feel safe while driving with the BeSafe toddler seats.

BeSafe has been manufacturing child car seats for over 50 years. The German manufacturer is a true specialist and expert in the field of child seats.

Which infant seats are the safest for my child?

From birth until about nine months, you transport your baby in a car seat. As soon as your child can hold his or her head independently, it is recommended that you switch to a suitable toddler seat. This will accompany your child for the next four years. This is a long time and the decision should be well-considered. Questions about the space capacities and additional functions should be carefully clarified before the purchase. The range carries an extensive product range and covers almost every infant seat variant. Do you have the option of setting up an Isofix station? This connects the toddler seats firmly to your car and provides a guaranteed hold. The disadvantage of this is that you also have to purchase the base station. However, you are free to fasten any model with the three-point belt system or via the Isofix station. Reboarder models can be turned variably forwards or your child can be transported backwards. The BeSafe iZi Comfort X3, for example, is a forward-facing toddler seat. The five-point harness system is very easy to fasten and provides additional support. Although the manufacturer recommends rear-facing, this shell is one of the brand's safest models. Four different recliningposallow your child to find the best restingposition, for maximum comfort. Whether you want to take your child facing forward or upside down is up to you. When your child is older, he or she may not want to ride rear-facing and this need should be taken into account. The reboarder models such as the BeSafe iZi Twist i-Size can turn you around in no time and have passed the world's toughest crash test.

Highest safety standards

A special safety feature is the SIP+, which the German manufacturer has developed. This special side impact protection is integrated in every child seat and reduces the acting forces by 20 % in the event of a collision. Among all the models that BeSafe has in its range, you are sure to find the perfect toddler seat. BeSafe offers a one-year warranty extension on all products in addition to the three-year warranty, which you can easily apply for on the homepage. The manufacturer has higher standards for itself than the regulations require. The many awards speak for themselves. BeSafe was named "Best Child Car Seat Brand" in 2018, disproving years of experience. In 2019, many models received an award as particularly back-friendly and ergonomic products. By choosing infant seats from BeSafe you rely on the highest safety standards and beyond.