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BeSafe From birth

The BeSafe Car seats protect babies from birth

Already when leaving the hospital with the newborn, the question of safe transport in the car arises. Legislation requires that children are secured in the car by means of a child seat and that babies are not secured in the direction of travel. The rear-facing baby car seats from BeSafe and the growing car seats for the little ones are a good alternative to bring the little darlings home safely and in compliance with the law and to run errands, go for walks and go on trips with them in the car.

Car seats offer comfort

The basic considerations of what type of car seat to buy include the question of weight, load capacity, comfort and attachment in the car. To ensure that car seats for babies can be easily transported to the car from birth and that the baby can already be placed in the seat at home, the seat must have a low weight. On average, the BeSafe newborn car seats weigh between three and five kilograms. In the infant carrier, children may be transported up to 13 kg, in the seat that grows with them up to 18 kg. To ensure that the little ones are very comfortable in their seats, the seat surfaces are softly padded and around 30 cm wide. The seat length is between 25 and 27 centimetres. The cover of the BeSafe models and can be washed at a low temperature. All car seats can be connected to the car's ISOFIX system or fastened with the 3-point belt. To keep the little ones pleasantly cool in the shells and seats at high temperatures, ventilation systems are at BeSafe taken into account.

Baby seats are very popular

In order to protect the head and body of the little ones in a frontal accident, they are shielded in the baby car seats by the side construction and the additional side impact protection. This supports the weak neck muscles of the little ones. The carrying handle means that babies can already be secured in the shell at home by the harness system and carried to the car in the shell. In car seats with Isofix stations, the shell can be turned and the angle of inclination adjusted. When the baby's head reaches only two finger widths below the edge of the car seat, then the time has come to change to the next BeSafe to change to the next child car seat.

Growing car seats from BeSafe

The 2-in-1 car seats from BeSafe allow children to be transported from birth up to the age of four. The base part is permanently connected to the car and absorbs the energy of the impact in case of emergency braking or an accident. Inserts reduce the size of the seat for newborns, while larger children sit directly in the base part. For safety reasons, it is recommended that the seats are always installed rearward facing. Thanks to the built-in swivel functions, it is easier to buckle and unbuckle the little ones in the car seat. RestposThe resting positions and the height of the headrests can be adjusted in several stages to ensure optimum safety for the little ones in the car.