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BeSafe Accessories

The right accessories for BeSafe car seats

For BeSafe There are many accessories for child car seats for even more comfort and safety. For example, you can choose the right summer cover for your seat, a harness especially for pregnant women and much more.

(Protective) covers for every need

So that the little ones don't sweat unnecessarily in the warm months of the year in one of the child car seats from BeSafe do not sweat unnecessarily, there are summer covers from BeSafe are available in various beautiful colours. Of course, these are just as washable as all of the brand's covers. If children can use a tablet on longer journeys, a 2-phase seat protector is also a good purchase. It not only protects against dirt, but also against marks. The seat protector is quickly attached with the snap-pull fastener. In addition to covers, the range also includes sleeping pads. This makes your child's sleep even more comfortable during the ride. In order not to wake the little one when taking it out of the child seat, which regularly causes excitement and problems in many families, there is also the comfortable iZi Transfer. The product acts like a mobile hammock with handles, in which the baby is comfortable. It fits in many infant carriers as well as prams and is suitable up to about six months.

Other useful accessories from BeSafe for more comfort

The BeSafe sunshade, suitable for the iZi Kid, Combi, Plus and Comfort models, is very practical in summer. It protects the child's head from dangerous direct sunlight and UV rays. You can easily attach the product to the seat with the press studs attached to it and a ride in the shade is guaranteed for your offspring. Rain protection is also very important when you take the child seat out of the car and it is exposed to the weather. With the secure protection against rain, the child stays dry in any weather. Practical accessories from BeSafe are also available for pregnant women. The specially designed pregnancy belt bears the bfu (Swiss Council for Accident Prevention) safety mark. It can already be used in the first months of pregnancy. Its function is to hold the pelvic belt away from the abdomen so that it cannot act as an airbag in an emergency. In this way, serious consequences for the unborn child can be avoided. This means that you have your hands free on car journeys and do not have to spend energy and nerves fiddling with an ordinary belt. Particularly as a woman driver, the added comfort and safety with a BeSafe belt should not be underestimated. It can also help prevent serious accidents caused by inattention. The belt has already passed tests in accordance with ECE R 16.