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BeSafe cotter pin to support foot


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Product information "BeSafe cotter pin to support foot"

If you have a BeSafe child car seat, you may also have a support leg for it. The support foot provides more safety in the event of an accident or heavy braking. This way, the child car seat cannot easily slide off the car seat itself. The support leg for your child car seat is additionally secured with a safety pin. The BeSafe cotter pin for the support leg thus acts as a safety device for the entire BeSafe child car seat. It is very easy to use the BeSafe cotter pin for support leg: Simply insert it into the hole provided in the support leg and let the cotter pin click into place. The support leg and thus the car seat are secured. The cotter pin is additionally secured with a plastic loop on the linkage, so that it is guaranteed not to slip out of the hole in the support leg again without further ado.

The BeSafe cotter pin for the support leg scores particularly well with its robust construction. On the one hand, it consists of a particularly sturdy plastic. On the other hand, the BeSafe cotter pin for support leg is made of stainless steel. A breakage of the safety pin is therefore completely impossible. In addition, the safety pin cannot rust. This means that it has a long service life. However, when purchasing the BeSafe cotter pin for support leg, it is important to note that it is not suitable for every child car seat or support leg from BeSafe. You can only use the BeSafe Splint for Support Foot for the iZi Combi, the iZi Kid X1, X2 and X3 as well as the iZi Kid ISOFIX X1, X2 and X3.

Features BeSafe cotter pin for support leg:

  • BeSafe Splint for support foot for extra safety for your child
  • secures the support leg of the child car seat from BeSafe
  • with locking ring for additional security on the linkage
  • easy to use -> simply push into the hole in the support leg until it clicks into place
  • particularly robust and stable -> breakage is impossible
  • only suitable for certain BeSafe child car seats -> iZi Combi, iZi Kid X1, X2, X3 and iZi Kid ISOFIX X1, X2, X3

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