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Product information "bébé jou baby nest fabulous"

High-quality baby nest for a healthy, restful sleep and perfect sleep hygiene...

Multifunctional, cuddly, breathable, allergy-friendly, moisture-regulating and safe; these attributes characterise the innovative bebe- jou baby nest from the Faboulus product series. The high-quality processed baby nest, made of 100 % premium quality cotton and equipped with a pleasantly warming microfibre filling, serves as a comfortable "cuddle nest" with a high feel-good factor for the baby. With its characteristic construction, the allergy-friendly baby nest promotes healthy sleep and reduces the risk of babies rolling onto their tummies and dying from sudden infant death syndrome.

The special shape of the baby nest also prevents the infant from rolling out uncontrollably. A cuddly soft microfibre mattress, stylishly embedded in the base, promotes healthy sleep hygiene, while an elastic drawstring allows flexible size adjustment of the soft cot to the baby's individual body anatomy. Within a few seconds, the size of the baby nest can be varied easily and flexibly. The mattress can be removed from the cot for cleaning by means of a smooth-running zipper. Supported by an elegant minimalist design, the baby nest transports a timeless elegance and advances to a valuable component that should not be missing in any baby's first equipment. Thanks to the bebe- jou baby nest, parents can sleep together with their newborn in one bed without hesitation.

Baby nest that shines with the best possible skin compatibility

In this model, exquisite materials of the best quality merge with an outstanding awareness of quality and a well thought-out design. The bebe- jou baby nest is therefore synonymous with a high level of product safety combined with maximum suitability for everyday use.

Equipped with breathable, naturally pure cotton fabric, the cot is extremely absorbent. Accordingly, the skin-friendly material binds up to a maximum of 33% of its actual own weight in moisture, creates an airy feeling on the skin when in direct contact with it and ensures a lasting high level of climatic comfort, which actively contributes to the individual well-being of the baby. Made of fine cotton, the textile fibres are kind to the skin and allergy-friendly. Because of its first-class skin compatibility, the high-quality material specifically prevents the development of skin irritations and allergies. The comfortable mattress has an insulating microfibre filling made of a cotton/polyester fabric blend. The special filling material is relatively dimensionally stable and reacts dynamically to the baby's body movements, so that the baby cannot press its face uncontrollably into the mattress. Rounded, softly padded edges reduce the risk of injury to the baby inside the cot. Equipped with a highly elastic cord, the baby nest can be perfectly adjusted to the baby's body measurements. The bebe- jou baby nest from the Fabolous model range "grows" harmoniously with the respective child and offers perfect "all-round protection".

Ideal for children with allergies

The mattress develops an ergonomic supporting effect and provides long-term relief for the human movement and support apparatus. The child is protected from painful tension during sleep. Due to its low-irritation microfibre filling, the soft mattress scores with its outstanding allergy-friendliness. Pathogens and allergy-promoting substances cannot settle in these fibres in the long term. The quick-drying fabric is therefore considered anti-allergy material.

Product features bébé jou baby nest fabulous:

  • Baby nest made of pure, breathable cotton
  • Equipped with an allergy-friendly, soft mattress with moisture-regulating microfibre filling
  • The size of the baby nest can be flexibly adjusted with a drawstring
  • The mattress can be removed from the baby nest for cleaning with the help of a zipper
  • Mattress with ergonomic support
  • Size: approx. 95x56x12 cm

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