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badabulle Flexible Spoon Set of 5 multicolor


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Product information "badabulle Flexible Spoon Set of 5"

With the badabulle Flexible Spoon Set of 5, your baby has a particularly child-friendly cutlery aid at hand. It's not for nothing that they say all beginnings are difficult, and this is certainly true when your baby slowly switches to solid food after the liquid milk bottle feed. Moments like this are some of the most special moments in your pet's life, so it's only understandable if you want the best equipment for your offspring. Here you will certainly be pleased to learn that there are not only extra plates, cups, boards and the like for toddlers, but explicitly also extra spoons for babies. You can buy these in a practical set of five from the babadulle brand and always have one to hand. The spoons are pleasant and practical to hold and can be easily cleaned with hot water.

It doesn't matter whether you hand the food to your child or whether he or she wants to start eating with a spoon. After all, little ones like to imitate parents and adults in general, so it is only a natural process that liquid food is gradually replaced by solid food after a while. With the extra spoons for children, it is easier for them to switch to solid food, because the spoons are flexible on the one hand and soft for the sensitive baby mouth on the other. This makes the transition from the milk bottle to baby food easier to handle, both for you as a parent and for your offspring.

The ergonomic tip of the spoons makes it easier for babies to take in the new form of food and is more or less the link between the milk bottle and the conventional spoon. The badabulle spoons especially for babies and toddlers also come in a cute design in bright and fruity colours. This makes it even more fun for the little ones to eat independently, whether it's mashed potatoes or delicious and healthy pureed vegetables, for example. Semolina, yoghurt and all soft foods can also be eaten easily with these spoons from badabulle. If you are looking for a practical gift for the next toddler's birthday, you are just as well served with this spoon as if you order the set for your own darling. You will quickly find out which foods your child particularly likes, so you can add these foods to the bottle feed. In time, you can do without the milk bottle altogether.

Features badabulle Flexible Spoon Set of 5:

  • Spoon set of 5
  • Perfect for feeding or learning to eat
  • Colourful design
  • Flexible design
  • Soft material
  • Ergonomically shaped tip
  • Weight: 59 g

August 14, 2019 21:27

Geiff ein bisschen zu kurz

Geiff ein bisschen zu kurz

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14 August 2019 21:27

Geiff ein bisschen zu kurz

Geiff ein bisschen zu kurz

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