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badabulle bottle brush soft green


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Product information "badabulle bottle brush"

If babies receive their food or drink from a baby bottle, then a very high level of hygiene should always be ensured. If such a baby bottle is not properly clean, it can very quickly happen that dangerous germs form and spread in the bottle. In the worst case, these can even affect the baby's health. However, this is the worst case, which does not happen often. In most cases, bottles that have not been washed thoroughly start to stink and thus become unusable. For this reason, parents should use a bottle steriliser or an appropriate bottle brush to clean the baby bottle hygienically. For example, the bottle brush from Badabulle is perfect for cleaning the bottles well and, above all, perfectly and hygienically.

How is the bottle brush from Badabulle constructed?

The practical and, above all, easy-to-use bottle brush from Badabulle is characterised, among other things, by its range of uses and by its unique and high quality. This means that users can not only use it with ease, but also in various areas. The bottle brush by Badabulle consists of a long and ergonomic handle, which lies well, firmly and non-slip in the hand. This means that users can hold the brush well, easily and firmly and thus also move it well in the bottle and clean it. On the handle, users can use the brush attachment with the additional brush for the teat and thus clean all components of the bottle well and, above all, competently and hygienically. It is a universal 2 in 1 bottle brush, or teat brush.

The hygiene

Hygienic cleaning is made possible and ensured by the shape of the two brushes. The tips of the two brushes are perfectly suited for the bottle and for the teat and therefore clean these two parts of the bottle very easily and uncomplicatedly.

The practical hook

Bacteria and also germs spread particularly well when they are in a damp environment. For this reason, it is very important that after using the brush, users make sure that it does not remain damp, but can dry well and effectively. Thanks to the hook that is attached to the brush, this is very easy to do. Users can simply hang up the brush, the water can drip off the brush and nothing stands in the way of the next hygienic cleaning with the brush.

The gentle yet effective brushes

The brushes are characterised by the fact that the Badabulle bottle brush is an effective and at the same time gentle brush. The users can effectively remove the dirt from the bottle, but at the same time the owners can be completely sure that the brushes do not scratch and thus damage the glass or even the plastic that the bottles on the market are made of.

The effective and universal brush from Badabulle for cleaning bottles should not be missing in any household where babies are bottle-fed.

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4 May 2024 11:10

It’s good but expected the brush to

It’s good but expected the brush to be a bit more sturdy.

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