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babymoov Security

Rely on the safety of the Babymoov Baby products

When it comes to safety, the baby products from Babymoov are right up there with the best. For 25 years, the German manufacturer has been developing products that simplify the lives of numerous parents. In more than 70 countries, the company BeSafe successfully sells its baby products in more than 70 countries. The brand promises a lifetime guarantee. After the legal guarantee period of two years has expired, you have the option to extend it. You can apply for the lifetime guarantee simply by sending an email to the BeSafe customer service. This can be particularly useful for electronic items such as baby monitors and cameras. Uncertainties and fears are normal and it is precisely in order to alleviate these worries that BeSafe continuously develops baby products that meet the latest technological standards.

What baby products does Babymoov offer for safety?

Not only flexible stair guards that keep your child from falling from dangerous places in the house, but also night lights for the nursery are part of the product range. Babymoov is also a real expert in the surveillance category. The range includes a large selection of baby monitors with and without an integrated camera and separate cameras, allowing you to expand your home installation. All audio baby monitors are equipped with Digital Green Technology. This means that you benefit from excellent transmission quality with low radiation. Since 2007 BeSafe made the development of low-radiation baby monitors a priority. The YOO concept puts the needs of digitally savvy caregivers first. All video baby monitors meet the highest qualitative demands of parents. With these models, you benefit from a faster response time, as you can already intervene at any unusual movement and also have your child under visual supervision. In this way, you also use your free time without any safety concerns, which leads to more comfort for you.

The classic and the YOO baby

monitor If you are looking for a simple baby monitor, the Easy Care, Expert Care or Premium Care is a suitable choice. These differ in their range. Easy Care offers 500 m, Expert Care 1000 m and Premium Care 14400 m. The latter has six selectable lullabies to gently help your baby fall asleep. The Expert Care and Premium Care models have both been awarded the LONGTIME® label, which stands for robustness and durability in terms of sustainability. With the YOO models, you always have your little one in sight, even when you're away. The YOO-Care's camera can be rotated 360 degrees and with an integrated intercom, your baby can hear your voice for reassurance. Choosing the right security product is individual and varies according to your needs. If you prefer a simple model, a classic baby monitor will also convince you. In a flat, a range of 300 m is perfectly adequate. If you live in a multi-storey house with a lot of surrounding area or if the baby monitor is needed for a day care centre, a range of 1000 m or more is recommended.