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babymoov Pregnancy

Babymoov supports you optimally during pregnancy

Babymoov convinces with innovations and over 25 years of experience in baby products. Pregnancy is an unforgettable time that generally becomes more rigorous in the last trimester. In collaboration with midwives Babymoov new products continuously to ensure that they meet medical standards and are ergonomic. Babymoov makes your pregnancy easier and the products accompany you even beyond the breastfeeding period.

Which products are useful during pregnancy?

A breastfeeding pillow is not only helpful during breastfeeding. Especially during pregnancy, many women no longer want to do without a breastfeeding pillow. The flexible shape makes your nights more comfortable and helps you to find an optimal sleep.position. As soon as your offspring is born, it is an ingenious help to breastfeed your baby in a comfortable position or it simply serves as a cuddly base. The B.Love pillow is a real all-rounder during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Unique on the market is the Dream Belt. Co-developed by midwives, you are guaranteed to find the most comfortable lying position with this abdominal belt.position. Ergonomics is the number one priority with the Dream Belt. It is designed to adapt to your movements and provide the best sleeping comfort.

Why Babymoov is the right choice

Without a doubt, with Babymoov you are relying on the experience of experts, namely midwives. The "9 Months of B" product range is an extension of the baby products range to ensure that the needs of expectant mothers are also met. The Dream Belt is the first belly band on the market that gently supports your pregnancy belly at night. The pregnancy pillow is a purchase that you and your offspring will enjoy for a long time after the birth and can be used usefully in everyday life.

Excellent service and sustainability

After the two-year guarantee has expired, you have the option of extending it for life online free of charge. Top priority is given to Babymoov is customer satisfaction. Babymoov does everything in its power to reduce its ecological footprint. That is why the manufacturer is always on the lookout for suitable solutions to replace plastic materials. Babymoov not only attaches great importance to the opinion of its customers, but also works diligently to expand its product range. For this reason, the manufacturer involves not only midwives but also medical professionals in the product tests. The well-being of the expectant mother has top priority, so that the pregnancy remains as pain-free as possible and can remain in good memory. You can rely on 25 years of experience and a product range that is sold in over 70 countries.