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babymoov Nutrition

Healthy nutrition with high-quality baby products from Babymoov

Proper and balanced nutrition plays a crucial role in the healthy development of babies and toddlers. Parents always strive to offer their little ones only the best and provide them with all the nutrients they need. With freshly prepared meals made from healthy foods, your little one will get everything they need. In today's often stressful everyday world, time is more precious than ever. Young parents therefore need reliable support in the form of intelligent and easy-care products. Especially when it comes to feeding their little darlings, both safety and high quality standards are paramount. The renowned French company Babymoov is the ideal partner to support parents in the optimal feeding of their offspring. Babymoov specialises in high-quality baby products and follows a holistic and sustainable approach. The product range around early childhood nutrition covers the different needs in the various development and nutrition phases of the child.

The first year of life: breastfeeding, bottle feeding and complementary feeding

Breast milk is the ideal food for a newborn. During the first six months, it provides the healthy baby with sufficient amounts of all important nutrients, immune and defence substances without the need for supplementary feeding. Breastfeeding can continue for as long as the mother and child want. However, between the fifth and seventh month, complementary food in the form of porridge should be gradually added.

The second and third year of life: Learning to eat

From the second year of life, the toddler begins to get to know the world more comprehensively and to expand his or her horizon of movement. This also applies to nutrition and food intake. The child first learns to drink from cups and to eat with spoons and later also to handle forks and knives. The range of foods and dishes is continuously increased and the liquid and porridge food is expanded by more and more solid food.

The product range of Babymoov

The manufacturer Babymoov supports these first phases of life with many innovative products. Breastfeeding mothers who want to express their milk and store it for later feeding will find breast pumps in combination with the Twist breast milk bags an ideal combination. The matching adapters are not only compatible with the in-house breast pumps, but also with all commercially available breast pumps. Other baby products, such as the Squeeze baby bottle or the Foodii Starter Set with reusable squeeze bags for storing prepared food, are ideal companions for the first few years of life. A special innovation from the Babymoov is the Nutribaby+ XL food maker, a jack-of-all-trades that can heat meals and sterilise bottles as well as being used as a blender and steamer. In the twinkling of an eye, you can whip up a meal for the whole family or a week's ration for your little darling. Babymoov offers everything you need to prepare, store and eat baby and toddler food.

Product safety and lifetime guarantee

All products from Babymoov are manufactured with the utmost care and in accordance with strict quality standards. The materials are carefully selected to ensure healthy and safe use. They are free from harmful chemicals and are designed to meet the needs of babies. For example, the baby dishes are made exclusively from BPA-free silicone. All products comply with the latest safety standards. The company attaches great importance to safety, comfort and functionality so that parents can rely on their child's healthy nutrition. If a purchased product is registered on the no later than two months after purchase, a lifetime guarantee even comes into effect.