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baby products from Babymoov make care easy

A healthy baby is a well-cared-for baby, because only the right care allows for a healthy development of the little one. Bathing, diapering and feeding are the essential activities in the first months. The baby products from Babymoov make caring for your little one easier. At the same time, this intensive time
At the same time, the intensive time increases the feeling of belonging and makes it fun and enjoyable for the babies.

Bath time is feel-good time at Babymoov

Scientific studies have shown that bathing the little ones several times a week does not harm them and is a blessing for baby's skin. Bathing is much less stressful for the sensitive skin of the little ones than cleaning with a flannel. It is important to note that the room temperature must be at least 23 degrees and the water must be body-warm with 36 to 37 degrees. Parents should refrain from using bath additives so as not to disturb the acid balance of the skin. Warm water is sufficient for baby care. If the baby is very dirty and soap is necessary, a skin-friendly product with a pH value of 5.5 to 6 is recommended. Much more important than the bath additive, however, is the safety of the little ones when bathing. If you don't have your own bathtub, place the child on the parent's forearm and hold it under the armpit. Much more relaxing for the baby and the parents is an inflatable bathtub with a baby seat. This can be placed anywhere in the home. The raised baby seat means that the baby is only finger-deep in the warm water and gets clean all over.

Warmly wrapped up after the bath

The bathing fun for the darlings should not last longer than 5 to 10 minutes. So that the little ones do not catch a cold, they must be dried well after the bath. Special attention must be paid to the soft folds of the skin to avoid inflammation. Gentle dabbing is better for baby's skin than vigorous rubbing. A changing mat guarantees that the baby is softly bedded. Changing mats can be integrated into diaper bags or bought as a stand-alone baby item from Babymoov bought as a stand-alone baby product. Unlike disposable pads, changing mats can be transported in the appropriate bag and also serve as a soft base at the playground, during visits or at the doctor.

Care after the bath

After the bath, the real care of the little ones begins. The fingernails have to be cut, the ears patted dry, the hair styled and the little body creamed. Creaming regenerates the skin and compensates for the loss of moisture caused by bathing. At the same time, creaming prevents a sore bottom. If red spots already appear on the bottom, then a healing ointment with calendula extract is applied after the bath. When cutting fingernails, rounded scissors or nail scissors must be used and the little fingers must be held tightly. Nasal secretions can be aspirated with your own nasal cleanser. To ensure that all the important baby utensils are within easy reach, provide Babymoov offers its own toiletry bags for the little ones. Parents will find all the necessary baby items there, from bath water thermometers to nail scissors, files and hairbrushes. In case of illness, the baby's own digital thermometer with flexible tip provides quick reassurance. A cooling teething ring helps teething babies.

Good air for sleeping through Babymoov

The bathing ritual in the evening calms babies and lets them get a faster and deeper night's sleep. To ensure that the air in the children's room is well humidified and a perfect climate for sleeping prevails, offers Babymoov an adjustable humidifier that is suitable for rooms up to 20 square metres. The soft colours of the integrated night light and the possibility to add essential oils in case of a cold make the atomiser and humidifier a practical baby item.