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ABC Design Diaper bags

Diaper bags from ABC Design for practical travel with the little ones

Being a parent doesn't mean spending time with your offspring only at home. Rather, modern parents are out and about with their babies in the city and in the country for walks, excursions, errands, events and a wide variety of activities. To ensure that all the necessary utensils for the little ones are always within reach, diaper bags from ABC Design offer a practical and stylish option. When looking for the perfect diaper bag, parents need to consider a few points:

Bags from ABC Design are equipped for babies

To avoid chaos in the diaper bag, it must be equipped with sensible compartments and subdivisions. After all, there has to be room for a lot in the bag. For a mishap-free outing with the little ones, the bag should contain at least two nappies and the necessary care products such as creams, lotions or wet wipes. After use, the nappies should be put in a dung bag, which of course should also be packed in the bag. A spare robe helps if nappies have leaked or if babies are wet from teething. A baby wipe, bib and dummy should also be packed in the bag, as well as a water bottle, biscuits or fruit. Finally, a changing mat completes the equipment. ABC Design scores with a sensible set of features, with a waterproof changing mat already integrated. An inner pocket is insulated to keep the little ones' porridge or tea warm. Additional loops and tabs allow the utensils to be stored separately. So that mums and dads can also store their keys or ID cards in the changing bags, there are compartments with zips and external compartments with magnetic closures. A carabiner hanging on the outside allows the flat key to be attached so that an annoying search for it is avoided. Of course, the carabiner can also be used to attach the small utensil bag that is included with every diaper bag from ABC Design diaper bag. Here, the most important small items can be stored so that your little darling's dummy or a handkerchief are always within reach.

Diaper bags look like large handbags

Diaper bags have become a fashionable accessory for parents, attracting attention through their design. Leather and fabric blend perfectly in the bags from ABC Design. The accessories include various straps so that the diaper bags can be worn as desired. Short handles are suitable when the bag is held in the hand. When visiting the doctor, the bag in the hand helps to bring all the documents to the doctor's office. For going out in the pram, the diaper bags are attached to the handle of the pram. The ABC Design click system is particularly easy to attach to the ABC pushchairs. The large shoulder strap makes it possible to carry the bag as a crossbody bag or as a classic shoulder bag, as the straps are infinitely adjustable. The materials of the bags from ABC Design are hard-wearing and of high quality. The seams are double stitched and small metal pins are attached to the bottom so that the bag can be placed safely. At the same time, these metal feet protect the floor from getting dirty. Should the bags still get dirty, stains can be removed with a damp cloth. ABC Design focuses on neutral-coloured bags to guarantee use for the first three years of the little ones' lives for all family members.

The matching sizes of the diaper bags

For many new families, the diaper bag is part of the initial equipment. Before buying, it makes sense to think about the use of the bag, because the size of the bag depends on this. For short trips or errands, it is not necessary to take several spare clothes with you or to stow a complete meal in the diaper bag. If a sibling's favourite toy is also to be stored in the bag and all-day excursions are planned, then the bag must be appropriately large. The size and contents of the bag result in a total weight that often reaches several kilos. For this reason, make sure that ABC Design the weight of the bag should be low. With an average of 1.2 to 1.4 kg, the bags are light and can be filled as desired with the utensils for baby's security on the way. To keep diaper bags ready for use at all times, one tip is indispensable. Immediately after coming home from an outing, the bags must be re-stocked and used nappies replaced with fresh ones. This way the bag is always ready for use.