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ABC Design car seats

ABC Design - the company

Dietmar Fischer took off with the idea of bringing high-quality children's products to the German market. The company was founded ABC Design was founded in 1989, so it is fair to say that the family business has experience in the field of children's equipment and knows what is important for families and children. The company began to create its first collections and then present them at German trade fairs. Less than ten years later, the articles were already being sold in 26 countries worldwide. Over the next few years, the company developed into a popular brand in other countries. In 2003, the first pram/car seat combination was released. In the following years, the family-friendly brand was awarded with various prizes such as the golden trade fair award and the IDEA Award in silver. Only in recent years did the manufacturer prioritise the development of children's car seats that are fun for both parents and children.

Company philosophy of ABC-Design

The brand attaches great importance to safe and high-quality children's equipment. It does notmatter whether it is a pram or a child car seat. Above all, customers are convinced by the good quality and careful workmanship. Another point that distinguishes the company is innovation. New collections are equipped with helpful details and functions. In doing so, the manufacturer responds to the wishes of the customers. With the help of a survey of parents, ABC Design developed various pushchair models in the PLUS series. The interplay of design and functionality is particularly striking. The products not only offer easy handling, high safety standards and many helpful functions, but are also visually appealing. The comfort and well-being of children is a matter close to the company's heart. That is why the employees go to great lengths to make the products as comfortable, solid and safe as possible for their users. The internationally renowned family business is also committed to sustainability. It produces its models with the environment in mind. The latest products are partly made from recycled materials such as PET bottles.

ABC Design Car seats

At the beginning of the company's history, it specialised in prams. In the meantime, it also creates practical and compact children's car seats that meet the current safety standards. In recent years in particular, various car seats for children have been launched on the market that delight parents in terms of functionality and appearance.

Child car seats for every age group

The latest car seats for children from the ABC-Design brand are the Tulip, Aspen and Mallow models. Baby car seats developed by the brand optimally meet the i-Size EU standards and thus provide comprehensive protection for the little passengers. The Tulip car seat can be used from birth and is suitable for children up to the age of 15 months. Models like Aspen and Mallow grow with the children because they have numerous adjustment options. In this way, some of them can be used up to the age of twelve.

Standards of the products from ABC Design

The car seats of the children's brand are well thought-out and equipped with many functions that make life easier for parents and children. The company's priority is always product safety, because it is aware of its responsibility. But other elements are also in the focus of the family-owned company. The practical features of the ABC Design models are discussed below:

High comfort for parents and child

To ensure that children feel comfortable in their seats on both short and long car journeys, the car seats are equipped with elements that improve driving comfort. As a rule, the equipment of children's car seats includes soft seat cushions that are also breathable and thus prevent overheating. Thanks to the integrated ventilation system, heat is conducted away from the body of the little ones. Another standard is the ideal adaptation to the child's body. This is achieved via a height-adjustable headrest, an adjustable backrest or removable seat cushions especially for newborns. Changing the seatposition is another plus for comfort. Moving the seat to the restposition puts the body in a reclined position. This prevents the child's head from falling forward during sleep and provides extra protection.

Safety is a must

Numerous features ensure children's safety in the event of a collision. First of all, the manufacturer relies on solid 5-point harnesses. Older children can be strapped in by means of the integrated 3-point belt of the respective vehicle. The built-in Isofix systems promise a good fastening of the seats in the vehicle, which prevents the car seats from slipping or wobbling back and forth. The seats have robust side impact protection on the headrests, which optimally protects the head, neck and back of the children from impacts and collisions. Soft padding provides additional protection.

Easy to clean and practical

All in all, the children's car seats from ABC-Design are equipped with various practical details. These increase comfort and safety and make the products easier to use. In addition, the seats are all easy to clean because the seat covers can be removed and are suitable for machine washing. Superficial dirt can be wiped off effortlessly with a wet cloth.