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ABC Design Accessories

Useful pram accessories from ABC Design ABC Design

have made a big name for themselves and it is impossible to imagine the pram market without them. Parents from over 40 countries have trusted the quality of the German manufacturer for over 30 years. ABC Design strives to continuously improve and optimise its product range. That is why the brand not only offers prams, but also practical and useful pram accessories.

What pushchair accessories are available and what is necessary?

This question cannot be answered in a general way. The needs of parents and their offspring are very different. With ABC Design you are choosing a brand that has the right accessory for almost every need in its range. In order to find the accessories that are relevant for you, this overview should provide you with clarity.


The products from ABC Design always meet the highest safety standards and are tested. With a spare tube, you can confidently leave the house and venture onto bumpy terrain. Should a pneumatic tyre of the Salsa4 or Zoom model burst, you can easily mount it yourself without having to do without the pushchair. Perhaps you are often out and about at dusk or in the early morning? You can attach the flexible light to the pram in seconds and safely enjoy the evening walk in the dark. With a specially made app, you can control it easily via your mobile phone.


Ensuring that your baby is always protected is a top priority. The mosquito net or the rain cover for the baby car seat protects your offspring from rain, wetness or mosquitoes in summer. The mosquito net and the rain cover are included in the starter set for the carrycot and the sports seat. These must be purchased separately for the carrycot. You have the option of leaving the pushchair attachments at home, carrying only the frame and putting the shell on. This way, your baby is protected from external influences even in the infant carrier. The newborn footmuff and the leg cover are perfectly matched to the pram models. On cold days and in winter, you don't need to worry about your child's body temperature. The products are lined and the straps of the pram, as well as the baby car seat, fit through the slit openings.


It bothers you that you can't attach the changing bag anywhere and it takes up space in the shopping basket? With the matching changing bag holder you can carry the bag from ABC Design on the steering wheel and always have the essentials to hand. As a parent, you enjoy long walks with a hot coffee or tea. Manoeuvring the pram across the pedestrian crossing while holding the coffee mug in your hand without spilling anything may have already led to awkward situations. ABC Design has a cup holder in its range as a pushchair accessory for maximum comfort for parents. This can be attached to the steering with just one click. If your child is already sitting independently in the sport seat, this can also be used conveniently for the child so that the drink is always close at hand. Does your child have a favourite toy that is difficult to carry around? After all, you have to steer the pram and can't keep your child occupied all the time on walks. Then the magnetic clip is the ideal solution. You can easily attach pram chains or smaller toys to the magnetic clip, which you place in the desired position. This way, your child always has its favourite toy with it.

Accessories for every situation

The pram accessories are compatible with most models and can be used flexibly. The accessories accompany you throughout the entire pushchair period and make everyday life easier. ABC Design does not use any animal ingredients for the pram accessories. All products are made from synthetic and vegetable raw materials. With pram accessories from ABC Design you are choosing a company that takes responsibility for you and your child.