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BABYZEN is a French manufacturer of prams. The young company Babyzen is characterised by practical and technically high-quality products that follow an idiosyncratic design. Due to its quality and functionality, the brand is BABYZEN brand is known all over the world. The ZEN full-size pram, the YOGA all-in-one carrycot, footmuff and the YOYO lightweight pram are each characterised by this company philosophy.
Bugaboo - Urban prams for trendsetters Since 1999, the Dutch company Bugaboo has been developing prams and accessories for urban trendsetters who want to discover the world and stay mobile even with a child. The company was founded by designer Max Barenbrug and medical doctor Eduard Zanen, neither of whom was happy with the range of prams they had to choose from when they had their first child. Both were looking in vain for a manoeuvrable, chic pram that adapted to modern family life and was also practical for big-city nomads. Obviously, the two were not alone in their wishes and requirements. Because very quickly Bugaboo advanced to become the lifestyle brand for urban prams and it is impossible to imagine the big cities of the world without it. But the prams of the Dutch company also cut a fine figure in the countryside, because after almost 20 years on the market, the company has now also developed the right pram for country trips and other occasions. But all models have one thing in common and make the prams of the brand a cult: the stylish designs and well thought-out functionality. Bugaboo has won over more than 1 million customers all over the world - and the trend is rising. The company's success story began with the Bugaboo Bee model, which represented a real revolution on the pram market. Until then, there was no pram that was so light, manoeuvrable and chic and at the same time met all ergonomic requirements. Today, the pram is already in its 5th edition and has lost nothing of its original innovation. Suitable from birth, this pram accompanies the child until it can walk and convinces with many practical features. The backrest and push bar are height-adjustable and can thus be optimally adapted to the size of the child and parents. The four-wheel suspension ensures that the pram is easy to turn and still rides stably and safely - an absolute advantage, especially in the city. With suitable adapters, the Bugaboo Bee can also be converted into a travel system, which means that it can be used with a car seat for short journeys on foot. Another special feature of the Bugaboo Bee is its compact folding size. It can be folded easily and quickly with one hand and fits into the smallest car boot. The sun canopy with UV protection factor 50+ can also be extended to reliably protect the child not only from the sun, but also from rain and snow. The fabric, colours, hubcaps and handles of the Bugaboo Bee can be individually combined. This allows parents to create their own personal design - according to their personal preferences and tastes. By the way, this applies to all models of the brand. Another member of the Bugaboo family is the Bugaboo Buffalo. In contrast to the Bugaboo Bee, this model has large pneumatic tyres, which makes the Buffalo the perfect companion for walks in the woods and on uneven terrain, but it also works in the big city. This model can also be used from birth to toddler age and can be designed according to your own wishes and ideas. With this model, stowing the shopping is no longer a problem. So if you don't have a car and do a lot of shopping on foot, the Buffalo is a good choice. It is a real space-saver and can carry up to 16 kilograms of luggage. That's why the storage tray is particularly spacious and the basket is a good distance from the carrycot or sports seat. Bag hooks integrated into the push handles provide even more stowage options and bags can be easily attached. However, the absolute bestseller from the Bugaboo collection is by far the Bugaboo Cameleon, which is now available in its third edition. It is the perfect solution for many parents because it can be used on any terrain and is therefore the perfect alternative to the Bugaboo Bee or Bugaboo Bufallo. The small swivel wheels at the front of the stroller make the model particularly light and manoeuvrable. If the road surface becomes uneven, the push bar can simply be folded down and the larger wheels are at the front. This makes the pram less manoeuvrable, but particularly stable and safe to push. And for snow and beach walks, this model can even be pushed with just the two large wheels, making even the most difficult terrain easy to negotiate. In addition, the Cameleon's swivel wheel suspension can be individually adjusted to the child's weight, making the ride a relaxed affair for the little passenger as well. Unlike many prams, the Bugaboo Cameleon does not require an additional sport seat when the child outgrows the carrycot. The carrycot can be converted into a sports seat in just a few easy steps. There are also numerous personalisation options for the Cameleon and always unusual limited editions and design collaborations that make this pram something very special. For active and sports-loving parents, the Dutch company developed the Bugaboo Runner, which with its three large wheels ensures a safe and straight run and can therefore be used particularly well for sports activities. The Runner is available in two versions, which is particularly pleasing for parents who already own a Bugaboo pram. You can either buy the Runner as a complete set with its own seat or just the frame, which is compatible with all seats of the Cameleon, Bee, Bufallo or Donkey models and thus transforms them into a sports pram. And Bugaboo is also ahead of the game when it comes to sibling prams, because the Bugaboo Donkey model can be used in three variations and thus optimally adapts to the family situation. In the "Mono" version, this model is the perfect solution for an extended stroll with just one child. The side pocket is big enough for all the shopping and can be filled without disturbing the child. For two children of different ages, the "Duo" version is the perfect choice, combining a carrycot with a seat. This allows the newborn to sleep peacefully while the toddler discovers the world in either the forward or rear-facing seat. Since the carrycot can easily be converted into a seat, this sibling pushchair still works when the younger child has outgrown the carrycot and also wants to see more of its environment. In the "Twin" variation, the Donkey model is the perfect pushchair for twin children. First equipped with a baby bath, later with sports seats. A particularly practical feature is that the seats can be placed on the pushchair in opposite positions. So the children can look at each other, communicate with each other and the walk is guaranteed never to be boring. And thanks to its extremely slim dimensions with a width of only 74 cm, this pushchair remains manoeuvrable and functional where other sibling pushchairs appear bulky and massive due to their larger dimensions. The company also developed a range of practical and well thought-out accessories to match its pram models, which make life as parents a little bit more comfortable. Particularly practical for parents who love travelling with their little ones is the comfort transport bag, which protects the pushchair from scratches and damage on the plane. The water-repellent bag made of durable material fits all Bugaboo models and has a compact size that does not take up much space in the attic or basement. Another practical accessory is the cup holder, which is simply attached to the push bar of the pram and keeps drinks always at hand. The smartphone holder, which is also simply attached to the push bar and is compatible with any mobile phone, is also indispensable for city nomads. Parasols, changing bags and practical organisers round off the range. In short: Bugaboo knows what modern parents want and is the right brand for every design-savvy and trend-conscious family that values quality.
Cybex - Outstanding quality and safety Founded in Hong Kong and based in Bayreuth, Germany, Cybex manufactures products for transporting babies and children. These include prams, infant carriers and child seats, buggies and baby carriers. The focus is on offering maximum safety without sacrificing style, comfort and functionality. To this end, the company has been investing in research and development for more than 25 years in order to constantly improve the quality and safety of its products. This constant development is also reflected in the models. Many products are available as silver or gold models. The gold models represent the latest development of a Cybex product. They are characterised by additional functionalities or extended safety features. For example, the Cybex Pallas G i-Size child seat is also available as a gold model with improved side protectors. The Platinum models are the higher-priced premium models that are characterised by special comfort and improved features. Cybex child seats and infant carriers - safe when travelling by car Baby seats are used from birth until your child is about 18 months old. Your baby sits with its back to the direction of travel, which significantly minimises the risk of injury in the event of an emergency braking or an accident. Baby carriers are particularly light, so they can be carried comfortably on short journeys. For longer distances, Cybex has developed a car seat adapter that allows the infant carrier to be clicked onto the Cybex buggy frame. This makes transporting your baby after a car journey particularly comfortable. Popular models for newborns are the infant carriers CYBEX Aton i-size, which are designed for a weight of your baby up to 13 kg. The Cybex Sirona baby car seat makes it possible to transport children up to 105 cm tall in a rear-facing position. It can be rotated 360° and makes it easy to get in and out. For older children with a height of 100 cm or more, the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix is well suited. The adjustable backrest and headrest allow it to grow with the child and accompany the child up to a height of 150 cm. Cybex pushchairs and buggies - mobile in all situations Cybex offers high-quality prams and pushchairs that leave nothing to be desired in terms of comfort, stability and safety. One of the most popular pram and buggy models is the Cybex Priam3 chrome black combi pram. While the baby is still small, it can be used as a pushchair with the included carrycot. Later, when the child can sit stably by itself for a longer period of time, you can use the Priam as a sports buggy. The Cybex Balios S Lux 3in1 Set contains everything you need to transport your child carefree from birth up to a weight of approx. 22 kg. It consists of the proven Cybex pushchair frame with three different attachments: the Aton infant carrier, a carrycot and a sport seat. This allows you to use the Balios as a pushchair or pram and, if necessary, mount the Aton infant carrier on it with the included car seat adapter. Numerous accessories such as a cup and bottle holder, an insect screen or the Cybex Kidboard footboard for older siblings make everyday life even easier. Cybex baby carriers - maximum security and closeness Most babies love to be carried. With a Cybex baby carrier, your baby is always close to you, which is easy on the back, and both hands are free. The baby carriers are made of high quality and bring your baby into the natural docking and spreading position, which ensures optimal development of the hip joints. A nice entry-level model is the Cybex Maira Click baby carrier, which is characterised by high-quality workmanship and a modern, appealing design.
The Joie GmbH was founded in July 2013 by Sven Hering and Oliver Mecky. The company produces prams, rockers, travel cots and also child seats. Parents who have chosen products from Joie GmbH know that they are dealing exclusively with high-quality articles. The company pays meticulous attention to ensuring that all safety requirements are met. This is also the reason why the company has an ever-growing customer base today. Today, the Joie GmbH supplies European specialist dealers and distributors with prams and high chairs. The products are imported from abroad. The headquarters of the Joie GmbH is located in Mannheim. The Joie GmbH is part of the Wonderland Nurserygoods Co. Limited group of companies. Furthermore, the Joie GmbH is also involved in the development of the two brands Nuna and Joie.pram aire™twin The 5-point safety harness is 3-way height adjustable; SoftTouch padding. The backrests can be steplessly lowered to the reclining position.position can be lowered Sturdy and lightweight aluminium frame 4-wheel individual suspension Legrest is 2-fold adjustable OneTouch brake brisk™ lx One-hand carry handle The foam handles are ergonomically shaped The 5-point safety harness is 3-way adjustable in height; SoftTouch padding Sturdy and very light aluminium frame Legrest is 2-fold adjustable Front wheels are swivelling and lockable OneTouch brake chrome™ dlx Automatic folding lock The push bar is height adjustable; SoftGrip cover The backrest can be adjusted in 5positions The 5-point safety belt is 3-fold height adjustable; SoftTouch padding Legrest is 2-fold adjustable OneTouch brake crosster™ 3-wheel chassis Multi-stage adjustable rear wheel suspension Safety bar is padded and removable Foam-filled 12.5-inch tyres 5-point safety harness is 3-position height adjustable; SoftTouch padding evalite™ duo The trolley weighs 10 kilograms 5-point seat belts (SoftTouch) Legrest can be adjusted in 2 positions 4-wheel individual suspension OneTouch brake litetrax™ 3 Automatic folding lock Legrest can be adjusted 2-fold 5-point safety harness is 3-way height adjustable; SoftTouch padding Foam-filled wheels OneTouch brake litetrax™. The backrest can be adjusted to fourpositions can be adjusted Legrest is 2-fold adjustable The 5-point safety harness is 3-way height adjustable; SoftTouch padding Foam-filled wheels OneTouch brake litetrax™ 4 air Automatic folding lock The 5-point safety belt is 3-fold height adjustable; SoftTouch padding Backrest can be adjusted into four recliningpositions can be adjusted Legrest is 2-way adjustable Foam filled wheels OneTouch brake mirus™ Automatic folding lock Sturdy and lightweight aluminium frame Backrest can be adjusted to fourpositions The 5-point safety belt is 3-fold height adjustable; SoftTouch padding Legrest is 2-way adjustable mytrax™ Automatic folding lock The 5-point safety belt is 3-fold height adjustable; SoftTouch padding The backrest can be adjusted to fourpositions 4-wheel individual suspension OneTouch brake Front wheels are swivel and lockable nitro™ lx One-hand carry handle Foam handles are ergonomically shaped Sturdy and lightweight aluminium frame Backrest can be adjusted to fivepositions The 5-point safety harness is 3-way adjustable in height; SoftTouch padding Legrest is 2-way adjustable The wheels are fully sprung pact™ The push bar is 2-fold height adjustable The 5-point safety belt is 3-fold height adjustable; SoftTouch padding Leg rest is 2-fold adjustable 4-wheel individual suspension Child seatsduallo™. Forward-facing driving is possible from 15 kilograms and up to 36 kilograms (3rd to 12th year of life) The multi-layer safety concept provides unique all-round protection Side impact protection is activated individually (Guard Surround Safety); head, pelvis and chest are additionally protected Headrest is 10-way height adjustable Seat depth is 3-way adjustable ISOSAFE connectors are 10-way adjustable, retractable and are equipped with an EasyRelease release mechanism gemm™ Rear-facing travel is possible from birth and up to 13 kilograms Newborn insert can be easily removed The 5-point safety belt is 3-way height-adjustable; SoftTouch padding A belt tensioner is located on the front of the shell; it can be tightened firmly with one grip i-Anchor® Advance Rear-facing is possible from a height of 40 cm and up to a maximum of 105 cm; forward-facing is possible from the 15th month of life and from a height of 80 cm Tri-Protect 3-layer safety concept Side impact protection can be activated individually (Guard Surround Safety); pelvis, chest and head are additionally protected The rebound bar provides additional safety The inner seat shell is steel reinforced Grow Together function: headrest and harness system can be adjusted in height The seat angle is 7-way adjustable i-Gemm™. Rear-facing driving is possible from birth and up to 85 cm Integrated side impact protection (Intelli-Fit) Tri-Protect 3-layer safety concept Grow Together function: headrest and harness system can be adjusted in height 5-point safety harness; SoftTouch padding Carrying handle is ergonomically shaped and adjustable spin 360™. Reverse driving is possible from birth and up to 18 kilograms Forward-facing travel is possible from 9 kilograms and up to 18 kilograms The seat unit can be rotated 360 degrees 5 restpositions 3-layer safety concept Grow Together: headrest and harness system can be adjusted in height 5-point harness system trenscend™. Forward-facing driving is possible from 9 kilograms and up to 36 kilograms (9 months to 12 years of age) The multi-layer safety concept provides all-round protection Side impact protection is activated individually (Guard Surround Safety); chest, pelvis and head are additionally protected Headrest is 10-way height adjustable AutoAdjust side wings adapt to the child's growth - the side wings widen when the headrest is raised The seat depth is 3-way adjustable trillo™ lx Forward-facing driving is possible from 15 kilograms and up to 36 kilograms (3rd to 12th year of life) The side impact protection can be removed individually; additional protection for chest, head and pelvis Headrest is 8-way height adjustable Well-marked and intuitive harness guide on headrest and seat Seat and backrest are padded with memory foam trillo™ shield Forward-facing driving is possible from 9 kilograms and up to 36 kilograms (9 months to 12 years of age) Side impact protection can be removed individually; head, pelvis and chest are additionally protected Energy-absorbing safety impactor 9-position height-adjustable headrest Seat and backrest are padded with memory foam Travel cotsallura™ 120 Clever folding mechanism (release buttons are on the outside) Bassinet hook for easy lifting out and in Easy to transport Double safety lock No contact with the ground (protection against draughts) Mesh inserts provide ideal air circulation On the side there is an extra-large zip-through, so that it is possible to get in and out independently Integrated wheels allura™ 120 lite Clever folding mechanism (release buttons are on the outside) Easy to transport Double safety lock Mesh inserts provide ideal air circulation Extra-large zippered side opening for independent entry and exit Integrated wheels Also available with night light, sleep melodies and vibration Highchairsmimzy™ 360 Seat unit can be rotated 360 degrees with one hand and changed to four positions Tilt angle is 5-way adjustable Seat is 5-way adjustable in height Tray and cup holder are 3-way adjustable mimzy™ lx Frame and seat are compactly foldable Angle of backrest can be adjusted 3 times Seat is 7-way height adjustable Tray and cup holder are 3-way adjustable mimzy™ snacker XXL tray with cup holder is 4-way adjustable Backrest is 3-way adjustable 5-point harness (SoftTouch) Fixed footrest Rockerdreamer™ Very light Soothing vibrations (2 levels of intensity) 5 lullabies 5 nature sounds Tilt angle can be adjusted 3 times 3-point safety harness (SoftTouch) serina™ 2in1 6 rocking speeds Soothing vibrations (2 intensity levels) 5 lullabies 5 nature sounds Night light (4 brightness levels) Tilt angle can be adjusted 3 times 5-point safety harness (SoftTouch)
Maxi Cosi
Maxi Cosi
Maxi Cosi - this brand guarantees quality! The brand Maxi Cosi originally came from the Netherlands, but was bought by the Canadian company Dorel Inc. in 1994 and expanded its product range considerably. Today it is Maxi Cosi operates worldwide and is one of the leading manufacturers of car seats. Parents all over the world trust products from the brand because they have been developed by experts. They are constantly tested and checked for safety. So baby and children can explore the world without danger and feel really comfortable. Dive with us into the existence of the manufacturer and discover a diverse range. In the meantime the term Maxi Cosi has become synonymous with child seats. Many parents ask for "Maxi Cosi" when they mean baby car seats - the popularity of this brand can only be compared to a few brands. In tests by Stiftung Warentest or ADAC, the seat can always come out on top and regularly scores "good" or "very good". The company is also constantly working on bringing innovations to the market. Therefore, it was this manufacturer that first introduced the I-Size seat, which can be turned in both directions. Child seats from Maxi-Cosi When it comes to car seats, the brand sets new standards. Your baby or child can drive comfortably in these child seats. With a child seat from Maxi Cosi exceeds the legal requirements, the protection of the child is of utmost importance to the manufacturer. Please note that you always choose the seat according to the weight of the child. There are different models according to age and load. In terms of design, these child seats are available in all colours and are equipped with the favourite motifs of the offspring. The safety of baby and children is very important to the company. Therefore, they develop high-quality, comfortable and safe child seats that exceed even the strictest European standards. No matter if newborn, child or schoolchild: Maxi Cosi offers the right child seat for the entire offspring. Maxi Cosi Child seats are available from child seat group 0 to child seat group 3. Cosi Pebble or Cabriofix child seats are suitable for children from 0 to 13 kg. If your child is too big for this child seat, use MaxiCosi Axiss or the Cosi Rodi for a weight of up to 36 kg. A child seat should offer enormous comfort and maximum safety. Because whether you are shopping or on a long journey: Your child should feel absolutely comfortable and perfectly protected while driving. The popular Maxi-Cosi child seats meet these requirements thanks to their innovative safety belt and installation systems as well as the seat padding and side panels for maximum protection. In the item descriptions, we are happy to provide you with relevant information on the features and age suitability of the child seat in question. In the end, you can make a very informed decision about buying such an important product. Be it Maxi-Cosi Priori, Cabrio Fix, Rodi XR or Maxi-Cosi Tobi - you choose your personal favourite. From the many rigorously tested car seats of different designs, you will find the perfect child seat for your needs. When it comes to the coating, Maxi-Cosi not only focuses on attractive design, but also on durability and texture. In case of soiling, the protective cover can be easily removed and washed. Removable covers provide a visual change and with the help of Maxi-Cosi covers, your child will always sit comfortably and warmly. Maxi-Cosi child seats convince among other things with a height-adjustable harness system that is comfortable for parents to use and does not unnecessarily disturb or squeeze toddlers. All ergonomically designed child seats are lightweight, compact and easy to handle and can usually be attached to both the front passenger seat and the rear seat. Various Maxi-Cosi models make children's everyday life easier with useful details. For example, the Pebble child seat and the CabrioFix child seat, in combination with the FamilyFix or EasyFix base and the practical locking system, offer additional safety during installation. Like the Cabrio seat, the PrioriFix seats use the modern Isofix system. Like many other Maxi-Cosi child seats, the Priori SPS can be adjusted for four different sitting or recliningpositions - with so much comfort that the children sleep during the journey. With the Tobi child seat from Maxi-Cosi with its innovative safety belt system, the control display confirms that your child is properly secured. From the Axiss child seat to the Pearl child seat and the Rodi XR child seat: the various Maxi-Cosi child seats are ideally tailored to the needs of parents and children and all meet the corresponding highest safety standards. Maxi Cosi Pram Not only in the area of child seats is Maxi Cosi far ahead, but also in terms of prams. Pushchairs from Maxi Cosi are absolutely safe and comfortable. The manufacturer has developed a product range that offers everything you need for every requirement. With the Maxi Cosi you are always well equipped, whether you want to go shopping or the pram is your companion on forest paths. Maxi Cosi pram is your companion on forest paths. You will always find a suitable model and can be sure that this brand pram is well made and consists of selected high-quality materials. The fixed Maxi Cosi pram models are sporty and replace normal buggies. They offer maximum driving comfort for parents and children, but are particularly suitable for use in the city. They are characterised by good suspension, easy steering and plenty of space. Baby seats Prams and child seats are not everything. When the baby is born, a safe car ride is possible thanks to a Maxi-Cosi baby car seat. As with all other products, the focus is on the baby's safety. When choosing a baby car seat, you can choose either the ISOFIX base or a harness from group 0. However, the manufacturer itself always recommends the ISOFIX base for the installation of a baby car seat. This means that you as parents are always on the safe side. Is your baby's head sticking out over the backrest of the infant carrier? Then it's time to switch to the next size child seat. Another option you have with the Maxi-Cosi infant carrier is to connect it to your pushchair. With a pram adapter, you can use your infant carrier on your pram if you have left the carrycot at home. Discover the wide range of top offers on Maxi Cosi baby carriers, child seats, prams and other useful accessories at great prices.
nuna The collections of the Dutch brand for baby equipment are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, but still suitable for everyday life with baby and toddler. For example, the founder of the brand nuna launched a high chair in 2007 that is intelligent, safe and stylish at the same time. This not only fulfilled the usual function of a high chair to integrate the baby at the family table, but was also a modern furnishing object. Very soon it found its way into the homes of young families, and other series of the brand followed. Style-conscious parents will find nuna smart, high-quality and beautiful baby equipment that simplifies everyday life with a child. The secret of the company's success lies not least in the fact that many of the team are parents themselves who know the needs of (young) families. The baby equipment from nuna is first and foremost intended to make everyday life with a child easier for parents. However, this by no means excludes the demand for beauty and style. The brand's products are made up of beautiful individual components, each of which serves a purpose. Despite the attention to detail, you would never nuna you would never find a superfluous part. And a team of product designers has made sure of that with their well thought-out concept: all products are based on solid technology that forms a perfect unit together with the stylish and intelligent design. So you get nuna timelessly beautiful baby and children's equipment that will last for many years. From a technical point of view, the collections are also ready for use for several years thanks to the equipment that grows with the child. MATERIALS AND QUALITYWhen it comes to quality, the manufacturer sets uncompromisingly high standards. nuna products are only made of high-quality materials that have been selected with love and care. The company also attaches great importance to sustainability in the choice and procurement of materials. The responsible thinking is also reflected in the sustainable production processes. For quality assurance, the manufacturer has its products tested by means of sophisticated and demanding procedures in which they are exposed to extreme loads, for example. The company's demands on safety and materiality go far beyond the minimum, as these are things that the baby comes into contact with. For example, the newborn support of the LEAF rocker is also made of pure organic cotton that complies with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), while the fabric covers of this series are certified with the Oeko-Tex seal. In addition, all textile elements, including the filling fibres and foams, are completely free of harmful chemical substances in accordance with the REACH and EN71 requirements in Europe and the CPSIA in the USA. THE PRODUCT SERIES OF nunazaaz™: The innovative high chairThe high chairs of many well-known brands are very similar in structure. The designers of nuna have developed a high chair that has absolutely nothing to do with the usual models. The zaaz combines functionality, durability and elegance in a single high chair. Because: This chair can be transformed in a flash from a child's high chair into a normal chair, on which even older children can sit. The eating board and the safety bar are easily removable. The integrated lifting mechanism is well hidden for the sake of aesthetics. Visually, this growing high chair is reminiscent of a chic designer piece, but technically it has a load capacity of up to 100 kg! THE NUNA Pram SERIESIVVI™ saviThe IVVI savi is a visually appealing pram system that can initially be used with the carrycot and infant carrier and later with a buggy attachment. The pushchair can also be pushed both forwards and backwards. A removable cover provides cosy warmth in winter and can be exchanged for a breathable mesh cover in summer. The leg rest can be adjusted accordingly for every age. This makes this pram the perfect companion from birth to toddler age. In developing this series, the company has really taken into account all the needs of parents and child: in the carrycot there is a kind of secret compartment for valuables, so that mum can do without her handbag if she likes. A dream drape nuna dream drape™ offers the little ones protection from wind and weather as well as sunlight. And once your baby has outgrown the carrycot, the buggy attachment can also be adjusted so that the child can sleep flat and comfortably on it. You can choose from a total of three seatposThe safety bar in a fine leather look can be rotated and removed.. Of course, safety is not neglected: thanks to the safe and comfortable 3-point or 5-point system, the safety belt stays where it should be. The ball-bearing, foam-filled wheels make it possible to drive over any surface. In addition, they are equipped with an innovative all-wheel suspension system that absorbs rude shocks. The pushchair can be folded for transport in no time at all.MIXX™ As with the IVVI savi, the MIXX pushchair system can also be used from birth with a carrycot and infant carrier. The special plus of this pushchair is the practical folding mechanism, which allows the pushchair to be folded particularly quickly. Since it is very compact when folded, it is perfect for families who travel a lot. The buggy seat is a comfortable, stylish sports seat that can be adjusted to the flat reclining position.position. The canopy is extra-large and extendable, so it offers extra protection from the sun and wind. Thanks to the foam-filled wheels, the pram is suitable for any terrain. Since aesthetics are particularly important in the collections of nuna collections, the push and safety handles are also supplied in a beautiful leather look. The large storage basket makes every shopping trip an experience. PEPP™ luxxThe PEPP luxx buggy is the practical solution for all parents who are always fully loaded and don't have two hands free for complicated folding and unfolding of the pram. Because this buggy can be opened and folded with just one hand thanks to a great folding mechanism. In addition, it remains free-standing even when folded. Thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability and suspension, it can also be steered very well with just one hand. The 5- or 3-point safety belt fully complies with the safety standard and can be opened quickly thanks to the anti-loop function and the quick-click buckles. The height-adjustable push bar ensures that both big and small parents benefit from a good driving experience. NUNA'S CAR SEATPIPA™With integrated side impact protection and the new i-Size, this infant carrier truly meets all safety requirements. It is recommended to transport the baby rear-facing for as long as possible, and the PIPA is perfect for this. The technical perfection is complemented by a beautiful design and a comfortable seat. In addition, your baby can be protected from external influences with the nuna-dream drape protects your baby from outside influences and prying eyes. The PIPA can be installed within 5 seconds on the matching PIPAFIX™ base, which gives the infant carrier an even better hold and thus offers your baby even more safety. REBL™ plusThe REBL plus car seat is unique in design as well as in functionality and safety: it can be rotated 360 degrees. This means that you can get the child into the car more quickly when facing forwards, and at the same time it can be transported facing backwards during the journey. The seat can be used from birth up to a height of 105 cm! The headrest and harness height can be adjusted simultaneously in 7 steps. This car seat offers full safety for several years. In addition, the REBL plus has a footrest that makes it easy for the child to get in and offers more seating comfort. LEAF™ AND LEAF™ curv - THE CHICKS OF NUNAThis unique LEAF™ rocker offers your baby almost as much security as in mummy's arms, because it is as cosy as hardly any other rocker. In addition, the rocker is equipped with natural swinging movements that gently rock newborns to sleep. When your baby is a little older, you can increase the intensity of the rocking movements so that he or she can still have fun in it even into toddlerhood. The special feature of this swing is that it has a load capacity of up to 60 kg. This means that the manufacturer also fulfils its claim to accompany the child for a very long time with this rocker. The LEAF™ curv version, whose shape is reminiscent of a leaf in the wind, is visually curvier than the "simple" LEAF model. Technology, materiality and load-bearing capacity have remained the same compared to the LEAF. In terms of aesthetics, style-conscious parents get their money's worth with the curv variant. The nunaSENA™ and SENA™ air travel cotsTravelling with a child is also part of everyday life, and for this purpose nuna has come up with something great for young families: A travel cot that can be quickly and easily assembled and put together with one hand. And that is possible thanks to the zigzag frame. Unlike many other travel cots, a quick adjustment of the lying height is possible here. The SENA travel cot comes with a comfortable, three-layer quilted mattress so that little ones can sleep comfortably even when on the move. For long-lasting hygiene, all individual parts belonging to the bed are machine washable. The updated SENA™ air version provides even more airflow thanks to the advanced air design, a clever ventilation system.
Stokke - Scandinavian design for children The Scandinavian company Stokke was founded in 1932 as a family business on the west coast of Norway. Originally, the company focused on ergonomically shaped furniture for adults, office furniture and well-designed bus seats. Over the years, however, Stokke continuously developed its product portfolio and, based on its experience with ergonomic products, eventually started producing children's furniture. Since 2006, Stokke has been exclusively producing high-quality nursery furniture and baby beds, high chairs, rockers, prams, home textiles and baby carriers and distributes them all over the world. The needs of the child always come first at Stokke. The company's philosophy clearly states that all products should strengthen the bond between parents and child and make it easier for the child to make contact. Thus, children often sit or lie higher in Stokke products than in comparable products from other manufacturers to enable constant eye contact. Most products are also flexibly adaptable and can be adjusted to the child's needs in just a few steps and without tools. Today, the company is particularly popular with young families who value minimalist, modern design and high quality, and who care about renewable raw materials and furniture that grows with the child. Especially the Stokke classic Tripp Trapp, a high chair that grows with the child, is indispensable for many dining room tables and has become a real design classic. That is probably why the children's chair is still the trademark of the Scandinavians and actually also the first product for children that the company developed. Designed by Peter Opsvik, the Tripp Trapp was launched on the market as early as 1972 and has been a must-have among young parents all over the world ever since. What makes this classic so popular is quite simple to explain. Its minimalist, understated design in a wide range of colours makes it a real eye-catcher and yet always makes it look modern. At the same time, it can be used from birth for many years. Thanks to its well thought-out concept as a stair high chair, the chair can be adapted to every phase with matching accessories and thus grows with the child from baby to toddler age. Thanks to this flexibility, the Tripp Trapp can even be used as a desk chair by children starting school. But adults also sit comfortably, because the Tripp Trapp can support a weight of up to 85 kilograms. And thanks to the robust European beech wood from which the chair is made, it is absolutely tip-proof and still looks good even after many years of use. For some years now, the Tripp Trapp can also be personalised with an engraving, making it a great gift idea that will give pleasure for a long time. After the success of the Tripp Trapp, the company began to develop other children's room furniture and always focused on the needs of the little ones. The Stokke Sleepi cot also corresponds to the company's philosophy of developing adaptable products that support children in their development in the best possible way. The Sleepi accompanies children from birth and can be used up to the age of approx. 10 years with the appropriate turnover construction. In total, the bed can be assembled in four different variations and always adapts to the needs of the child. For example, the height of the bed base can be individually adjusted so that parents can comfortably take their children out of bed. At the same time, the height-adjustable base also prevents toddlers who can already stand or climb from falling out of bed. The side panel can also be removed so that crawling children can leave the bed themselves and are not hindered in their urge to move and explore. At the same time, however, the bed always retains its characteristic oval shape, which creates a special feeling of security and protection in children and allows them to sleep peacefully. The company also uses solid beech wood for its children's bed and creates an optimal sleeping environment for the little ones with air-permeable bars and bed base. The Care changing table from Stokke is similarly flexible as the Sleepi. Initially used as a practical changing table with fall-out protection on the sides and lots of storage space in the lower area, the changing station becomes a practical nursery shelf for toys or the first desk for painting and learning after changing time is over. The foldable Stokke Flexi Bath baby bath is also really practical and cleverly thought out. It can be stored in a space-saving way and is therefore also practical when travelling. The award-winning design can be folded to minimal dimensions. This way, the bathtub finds its place even in the smallest bathroom. An additional insert for newborns ensures safe bathing fun even for the smallest ones and provides parents with assistance during bathing. On warm days, the Flexi Bath also replaces the pool, for example, and is child's play to set up in the garden or on the balcony. Another award-winning product of the company is the Stokke MyCarier, an ergonomic baby carrier that can be used from birth up to approx. 15 kilograms. This product can also be adapted to the child's needs, as the child can be carried in three carrying positions: inwards, outwards or upwards.positions: facing inwards, facing outwards or on the back. Awarded as a hip-friendly carrier by medical experts, the Stokke MyCarrier provides closeness and security from the very beginning. And the design is also convincing with many different colours and different breathable fabrics. After many successes with nursery furniture and accessories, the company took a big step in 2003 and launched the first Stokke pram Xplory. This bold step was a great success for the company and the Stokke Xplory revolutionised the industry. Based on the philosophy that direct eye contact between parents and child must be encouraged, the Xplory is unusually high compared to other prams and thus facilitates communication with the baby. Here, too, the seat is height-adjustable and can be adapted to the height of the parents to ensure an ideal level of communication with the child. In addition to the Xplory, there are now two other pram models from Stokke, the Stokke Scoot and the Stokke Trailz. Matching the pram series, Stokke developed two different models of car seats, both of which can be easily mounted on the prams without adapters, making trips with car and child comfortable and easy. Both the Stokke iZi Go Modular by BeSafe and the Stokke iZi Go X1 by BeSafe are suitable as infant carriers from o to 12 months and are ergonomically and safely designed. The latest product from Stokke is the Stokke Steps seating system, whose core product is a chair made of solid European beech wood that transforms into an adaptable companion with various accessories. Thus, the chair with rocker attachment serves as a seating option for newborns and becomes a safe high chair for toddlers with the baby set, which can be used up to the age of 10. In 2015, the Stokke Steps seating system was awarded the Reddot Design Award "Best of the Best", which speaks for the company's sense of trends and understanding of design. But the company does not only attach great importance to design and functionality, but also focuses on durable materials and products that can still be used by grandchildren. And because Stokke wants its customers to be really satisfied, the company extends the warranty period of products by three to a maximum of seven years if customers register the product via the warranty system on the Stokke website.

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